15th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications, CNNA 2016

For the first time the “International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications” took place in Dresden.

The scientific conference was initiated with the 5th Memristor and Memristive Symposium. The symposium´s highlight was the foundation of a memristors center. These are extremely efficient nanoelectronic elements. Professor Leon Chua from the University of California, who has coined the term memristor once, was a guest on the conference and could be won for the advisory board of the new-founded center named after him. The new „Chua Memristor Center“ consists of a great scientific network throughout diverse branches as informatics, electrical engineering, physics and chemistry. The principal objects for all those involved are the investigation of memristors and their application in the development of artificial intelligence.

The next CNNA workshop is scheduled to held in 2018 and will take place in Budapest.